Jun 17

Save the Date for Taste of Brews in Long Beach

Glass of BeerResidents of Long Beach apartments truly know how to appreciate a good craft beer, and there’s no better place to fully indulge your love of a well-crafted brew than at Taste of Brews Long Beach. Here are all of the details so you can be sure to make the most of the event.

Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Tastes of Brews Long Beach

  • This year makes the 7th celebration of Taste of Brews Long Beach.
  • It will be held on August 19, 2017 at Lighthouse Park (or officially Shoreline Aquatic Park) located at 200 Aquarium Way in Long Beach.
  • The event runs from noon until 5 p.m., but remember, alcohol service will end at 4 p.m.
  • The event offers unlimited tastings, and there will be no shortage of things to try with over 100 microbrews and hard ciders.
  • The best food trucks in Southern California will be serving up delicious eats because brews are better on a full stomach.
  • It all happens in a beautiful, oceanfront setting.
  • Buy your tickets early! It’s expected to sell out online with only a limited number of additional tickets available at the gate. Plus, if you buy your tickets early you can take advantage of the “Early Bird” pricing, with $40 for the full 4 hours of beer servings, or $30 for a ticket that will have you served from 1-4 p.m.
  • Tickets also include water, live entertainment and some snack samples while they last, though a lot more food will be available for purchase.
  • This event is 21+ only!
  • Parking will be available at the Pike Parking Structure for a fee.
  • Some of the standout participating breweries include well-known California breweries such as Lagunitas and Sierra Nevada, as well as brand new ones like Ska Brewing of Colorado, Network of Santa Ana and Four Sons of Huntington Beach.
  • It all goes to a great cause, as proceeds go to the Long Beach Marine Institute.
  • If you need to get in touch or would like more information, call (714) 375-1132 or send an email to

Once you’ve discovered your very favorite new craft beer, grab a case and enjoy it on our beautiful rooftop pool and sky lounge or while you’re grilling up a meal at the outdoor community kitchen with grill stations. To find out more about the amenities here at Edison, give us a call.

Jun 17

Top Five Furniture Trends That are in Right Now

Edison Long BeachIf you’re in the process of decorating an apartment in Long Beach but aren’t quite sure of how to go about it, following are five top furniture trends designed to provide you with inspiration.

Stately Statement Pieces

The shabby chic motif has ruled the roost for several years now, and the trend shows no real sign of slowing down. It’s comfortable, attractive, and easy to mix, contrast, and match. However, one serious trend this year revolves around classic statement pieces. These can either be antiques or top-quality new items. Statement pieces include dining room tables, sofas, beds, sideboards, and dressers.

Unique Artisan Furniture

Handcrafted furniture is also in the spotlight for this year. Look for local artisans who specialize in crafting quality furniture instead of automatically heading for the furniture store when it’s time to update your interior. If you’ve got a particular piece in mind that you can’t seem to find in stock at any of the usual sources, a good handmade furniture maker may be able to work with your inspiration to create the one-of-a-kind furniture piece of your dreams. Consider this type of thing to be an investment piece that you will likely have for the rest of your life.

Muted Tones and Mixed Patterns

This year will see a return to more muted tones such as gray, brown, and soft blues instead of the bright tones that have taken center stage in recent years. You’ll see splashes of color used as accents instead of the main palette along with plenty of appealing mixed patterns to play down the somber, understated look of the more subdued colors.

Textured Fabrics

This year will also see an increase in textured home accessory fabrics. You’ll see plenty of sofas and chairs upholstered in thick, interesting fabrics that bring a look of stability into the home environment.

Pieces With Meaning

If a piece of furniture has significant personal meaning to you, there’s always a way to make it fit in with your decor. Favorite childhood dressers or beloved items from your grandparents’ home make your space special.

Please contact us at your convenience to learn more about our apartments in Long Beach.

Jun 17

Planning a Summer Vacation? Stay at a Waterton Hotel

Entering Hotel RoomEdison Apartments in Long Beach has just about everything you need to enjoy yourself during the summer. Great communal amenities include a rooftop pool and sky lounge, outdoor community kitchen with grill stations, fitness center and yoga studio, and courtyard with water feature. At the same time, those who want to get out of town during the hot summer months can also take advantage of special Waterton hotel discounts in six different states.

Getting to Know Waterton Hotels

Waterton hotels can be found in California, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. They include select Sheraton, DoubleTree, Courtyard Marriott, Comfort Inn, Aloft, Westin, and Hyatt hotels. All Edison residents can receive the corporate rate when booking. Prices vary depending on which hotel you stay at and when you book your stay. The time period for this special offer is from May 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017.

Finding Things to Do Out of Town During Your Stay

Waterton’s diverse hotel locations offer plenty of entertainment options. Two hotels, Westin San Francisco Airport and Aloft San Francisco Airport, are located in Millbrae, California. The special summer rates for both hotels start from $159 for weekdays and $99 for weekends. This charming city is home to various outdoor activities and places of interest, including McNee Ranch State Park, Central Park and Bayfront Park.

In Madison, Wisconsin, enjoy a stay at our Sheraton Madison Hotel with rates starting from $99. Madison, Wisconsin is home to Henry Vilas Zoo, Olbrich Botanical Gardens and the great Madison Children’s Museum. The Wisconsin State Capitol, which was constructed about a century ago, is well worth a look if you enjoy amazing architecture. Madison is also well known for its parks and lakes.

If you’re interested in visiting Skokie, Illinois, book a stay at our DoubleTree Skokie Hotel with rates starting from $99. Skokie, Illinois is home to Laramie Park and North Shore Channel. Furthermore, this city is less than a half hour drive from Chicago and its plethora of tourist attractions and entertainment venues.

Is Columbus, Ohio on your list of places to go? If so, book a stay at our Westin Columbus Hotel with rates starting from $159 for weekdays and $99 for weekends. Top places to visit in Columbus, Ohio include COSI Columbus Museum and Planetarium, Franklin Park Conservatory and the old fashioned German Village.

Edison takes pride in offering great Waterton hotel discounts during the summer so residents can enjoy time out of town at a very reasonable price. If you are new in town or are a longtime resident who needs a new place to live, consider giving us a call at your convenience. We are happy to provide information, schedule a tour of our community and provide move-in assistance to make the transition to your new home convenient and comfortable in every way.

May 17

How to Decorate With Layers of Luxe

Edison Living RoomThe Edison in Long Beach is well-known for style and grace. Chic floor plans lay the groundwork for you to build on. No matter what style you choose, you can layer luxury elements with subtle undertones to create a look that is all your own. The layout of each apartment flows seamlessly, making it easy to decorate and create the perfect environment. You will quickly be able to make your apartment home into your own safe haven.

Tips for Decorating With Layers of Luxe

Decorating can be fun and exciting. When moving into your new apartment, part of the thrill involves choosing the colors and decor that you will use to turn the living area into your own personal masterpiece.

Muted colors and neutral designs will help to make luxury accents pop out when perfectly placed throughout the apartment. Take your time. Choose the colors and designs that define your perfect atmosphere and then add a beautiful vase or floral arrangement. Choose a tapestry to accent one of the walls or a thick, luxurious rug to lay in front of your couch.

If you are having trouble finding the perfect piece, check with your local art gallery or interior design professional. Many times, it just takes one look from a professional to help you find the perfect missing piece that will make your world complete.

From your furniture to your tableware, luxury items can be mixed in to create a shabby/chic motif or add an eclectic flair. When you are first starting out, it can be difficult to find decorating ideas that fit your personality. It helps to have a floor plan that is designed with a touch of luxury and elegance, such as our layouts at Edison. When you start with a stylish room, it is easy to go with the flow and add your own special nuance.

If you are looking to find an apartment with a touch of luxury, look no further than Edison Apartments in Long Beach. You will quickly see what type of atmosphere will be available when you choose to make one of our luxury apartments your home. Call our office today to view floor plans and take a tour.

May 17

10 Best Area Rugs for an Extravagant Living Space

Different RugsThose who live in apartments in Long Beach should take full advantage and make your living spaces truly unique. There’s nothing that dresses up a fabulous apartment better than a fabulous rug. Here are 10 area rugs that will make your space truly pop.

10 Area Rugs to Turn a Great Apartment Into Your Personal Paradise

  1. Imagine coming home to a desert oasis. How about a Moroccan Berber rug?
  2. Regardless of whether you aced geometry in high school, there isn’t a room in the world in which a sharp geometric pattern can’t get top marks, like a gray geometric-patterned beauty.
  3. A faded pink lends an elegance to a room that never goes out of style. A flowered rug is just the thing to add an old world charm to any space.
  4. There’s nothing quite so extravagant as fur, as it adds texture and sophistication.
  5. Neutral and classic but always interesting: sisal. And even though it would seem like one sisal is just like another, there’s actually a lot of variety amongst this neutral colored fiber. Find just the right shade and shape to tie your room together effortlessly.
  6. There’s a reason all white parties are so luxurious, and there’s the same reason an all white rug is always going to look fabulous.
  7. For an apartment near the water, rugs in blue are always going to be perfect. Stripes of many blues? Even better.
  8. Incorporate a uniquely Southwestern aesthetic while adding warmth to the room with a Navajo pattern.
  9. When you want to take a walk on the wild side with your rug, an animal pattern is just the thing, such as a zebra striped beauty.
  10. Purple’s not for everyone, but for those who connect with the color, nothing else will do. And with a saturated but neutral lavender, maybe purple is for everyone after all.

Between the open floor plans, 12′ foot ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows with jaw-dropping views, there are no apartments in Long Beach better suited to showcase your brand new rug, and no apartment better to let your rug adorn the floor than at Edison. Get in touch to find out more about the many incredible amenities of the floor plans at our community.

May 17

Four Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Home

Pink Flowers and PlannerSpringtime is a wonderful time of year. It is rich with metaphors and symbolism that can serve to help us embrace life. Read on to discover our four favorite ways to bring spring into your Long Beach apartment.

 1. Start a Container Garden

All you need is a small bag of potting soil, a few containers, and a few seeds to start a container garden. You can even use recycled metal cans if you punch a hole in the bottom (easy to do with a can opener). If you love salads, grow radishes, lettuce, and even onions. Explore your options at your local nursery or visit any of the dozens of online organic nurseries for seed selection.

2. Think Green

There are many ways to green-up your life. You can take that literally, and deck the place in green. You can also make a resolution to eat more greens. Spring is three months into those New Year’s resolutions that you might have forgotten about, but why not use spring as a way to get back in the groove. Embrace the environment by going green. Make a list of 1-3 ways you can be more environmentally friendly. Those might include:

  • Reducing your electrical bill
  • Removing plastic from your life
  • Shopping at thrift stores

3. Add Plants to the Decor

A few houseplants help to bring spring into your apartment. Some even help you by cleaning the air that you breathe. If you don’t have a green thumb, make a habit of buying flowers and enjoy the bounty of spring all year long. You can even add spring-themed wreaths to your door.

4. Add Color Essentials

Change up the kitchen towels to a pretty floral design. Change the tablecloth to something with floral print such as roses or wisteria. Replace the winter throws with lighter toned blankets that offer spring-like designs. You can even exchange the holiday decor for those that occur in spring — such as Mother’s Day, and any other holidays you’d like to celebrate.

At Edison, we love spring. If you want to learn more about our apartments in Long Beach, just give us a call at (866)-809-7997 or stop by our office!

Apr 17

Tips for Being Eco-Friendly This Spring

Guy Walking OutsideSpring is for green in more ways than one. Fresh new plant life is abundant, and so are opportunities to give your lifestyle an eco-friendly makeover. Following are three ways that residents of apartments in Long Beach can reduce their carbon footprints.

Wage a War on Clutter

Clearing the clutter from your living space may not seem like a green thing to do at first glance. However, what’s clutter to you may be treasure to someone else, so donating your belongings to a charity or otherwise finding them new homes with those who could use them keeps them out of the landfills. Spring is the quintessential time for purging unwanted items, so make sure that only the truly unusable items are thrown in the trash.

Start Walking or Biking to Work or School 

Instead of driving your car or using public transportation, grab a bike or slip on a sturdy pair of walking shoes and kill two birds with one stone. Walking or biking to work will result in better physical fitness, as well as lighten your carbon footprint. Spring weather in Long Beach is usually ideal for enjoying outdoor activities, so you’ll arrive at work or school with a smile on your face and with plenty of energy to start your busy day. As an added benefit, you’ll enjoy the savings associated with getting where you need to go under your own steam rather than feeding money to a gas tank or a mass transit operator.

Grow a Garden 

If you think those living in urban environments can’t grow gardens, think again. If you’ve got a balcony or even a sunny windowsill, you’ve got a garden spot. Consider experimenting with vertical gardening options if you have a balcony—you can purchase the necessary structures for these from your local home and garden retailer, and they’re designed to maximize yield in small spaces. Few things taste better than a salad made from freshly picked ingredients that you’ve grown yourself or a dish seasoned with culinary herbs that you’ve cultivated on your own.

Please feel free to reach out to us at your earliest convenience for more information about our available floor plans in Long Beach.

Apr 17

Tips for Your Next Spring Picnic

Outdoor PicnicIt’s springtime here at Edison and we’re welcoming it with open arms. For anyone that’s in the area, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being able to get up, hear the birds chirping, and see the sun shining longer. If you are living in our Long Beach apartments, you know that this also means it is time to get outdoors more and make the most of this incredible California weather.

How About a Picnic?

One of the best ways to celebrate spring is with a picnic. Whether you stay close to home or check out a park in the area that you’ve never visited before, we have a few tips to help you make this an incredible experience from start to finish.

  • Pick up some supplies. First, you’ll appreciate a lightweight picnic basket with a few plates and cups within. Make sure it is big enough to hold a meal and perhaps even a blanket for the ground. Skip the plastic products and be environmentally friendly instead.
  • When choosing food to bring, aim for those items that don’t need as much refrigeration, such as cold cuts and cheeses for sandwiches. Bring along fruits and veggies that you don’t have to prepare either.
  • Plan for some games. Whether you want to bring along a football or just a frisbee, it’s all up to the way you want to play. You can also bring along a few board games for a bit different of an experience.
  • Plan for cleanup, too. Be sure to have a trash bag to clean up any debris so you don’t leave anything behind.
  • If you are heading to the beach, map out areas where there are picnic tables. This way, you can avoid battling sand near your food.

Having fun at a picnic also means bringing along some great friends. Put each person in charge of one element and make it an enjoyable day.

Living Close to Parks Makes a Difference

We welcome you to come and check out all that Edison has to offer. If you are in the market for an apartment in Long Beach, we are happy to show you our currently available floor plans!

Apr 17

Five Ways to Give Your Diet a Healthy Makeover

Fruits and VegetablesSpring is an excellent time to give new life to those New Year’s resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle—especially when those resolutions include incorporating better foods into your daily diet. Southern California enjoys an exceptionally long growing season, meaning that fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant almost all year-round, but they’re particularly prolific during spring. Following are just five of the many ways residents of apartments in Long Beach can begin to eat healthier this spring.

Buy Organic Produce From Farmers Markets 

Having lots of fresh, organic produce on hand makes eating healthy come naturally. Fortunately, you have plenty of options in the Long Beach area. Besides traditional farmers markets such as Local Harvest and Long Beach Southeast, try going for a weekend drive in the country and exploring the numerous farm stands.

Taste Your Food Before Reaching for the Salt Shaker

Many people automatically salt their food prior to beginning their meal, but you may find that your taste buds are fine with no additional salt or at least a reduced amount. You could potentially cut out a surprising amount of sodium from your diet this way.

Plan Your Meals

Most unhealthy eating is the result of grabbing food on the run or going through the fast food drive-thru at the last minute because there’s nothing planned for the next meal. Setting aside time to plan for meals, as well as shop for them, ensures that you won’t be making many hasty food decisions.

Shop for at Least One Week’s Worth of Meals at a Time

Having plenty of the food in the house is another way to help ensure that you won’t fall victim to last-minute forays through the fast food drive-thru. Even if your meal planning activities have fallen behind, just having food in the house helps you stay on track. Be sure to include items that can be prepared quickly, such as sandwich materials and whole grain bread.

Eat Five Fruits or Vegetables Per Day

Making a point of eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is one of the easiest paths to good health.

Please call us at your convenience to learn more about our available floor plans!

Mar 17

Tips on Decorating with Throw Pillows

Edison Living RoomWith spring around the corner, you may be looking for a way to transform your Long Beach apartment. You are in luck. Decorating your apartment using throw pillows is a thing this year. It’s whimsical, cost-effective, and with a little creativity, can change the way your apartment looks and feels. The following are a few ways you can use throw pillows in your new apartment decor.

Use Them for Sitting

Get oversized throw pillows and use them as extra seats in your Long Beach apartment. You don’t have to have a particular theme in your home to take advantage of this quick and easy use of throw pillows.

Mix and Match Them on Your Couch

No one says you have to stick to the same colors on your couch when you use throw pillows. In fact, when you used inspiring colors that offer a contrast to the colors in your couch, you’ll dazzle your guests. They’ll want to know the name of your designer. You can take it a step further by adding throw pillows that are made of different textures. Done accurately, it’ll make your couch look as if it belongs in a designer magazine.

Place Them in Baskets

Another way to use throw pillows as an accessory is to place them in baskets sporadically around your Long Beach, CA apartment. Stuff them in smaller baskets and play around with how they overflow in the basket. You can also add other accessories, like a small blanket. Opting for an oversized basket will give you the perfect place to stash a comfy throw pillow and blanket for movie nights.

Place Them on Your Wall in Frames

A unique way to display your throw pillows is to hang them around your room in glassless frames. With this look you control everything. Additionally, by sticking to glassless picture frames, you can make a touchable art display along the walls of your apartment.

You can do practically anything when you choose to design with throw pillows. All you need is a little creativity and a few extra accessories. If you are looking for a new apartment to try all these new decor tips in, give us a call today. We’d love to show you our amazing floor plans and amenities.

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